Stowe Log Chalet

Rental Agreement
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This is a binding agreement to rent the "Stowe Log Chalet". The mailing address is PO Box 1361, Stowe, VT 05672

I, __________________________________________________________, ("Renter's Name") residing at ___________________________________________________________________________(your address), agree to rent the home indicated above from Newton Wells (“Owner”),
arriving on _______ (day), ____/___/_______(date: MM/DD/YYYY) and
departing on _______ (day), ____/___/_______(date: MM/DD/YYYY).

Check-in is 5pm; Check out is 11am. It is understood that the cleaning person may still be finishing the house after 5pm.

Cost Calculation: NOTE: IF you paid at AirBNB, Homeaway or VRBO, SKIP “Cost Calculation” and “Payment Method” sections and go directly to the “I agree…Terms and Conditions” section.

I would like: (See Chalet Rates page for pricing.)

...for the total pre-tax rental charge of $___________ US dollars (not including tax or fee... see below).

Payment Method Choice:

    Check: Save 3% & Add Tax:
  1. Deduct the 3% Check Discount by multiplying the rental charge above by 0.97, for a subtotal of $______________,
  2. Add Vermont’s 9% Meals and Rooms Tax by multiplying the subtotal above by 1.09, for a total of $_________________ due. U.S. FUNDS CHECKS ONLY!
  3. Print, Sign and Mail this agreement and the check, payable to Newton Wells, to PO Box 1361, Stowe, VT 05672.


    Credit Card: Add Tax:
  1. NOTE: your credit card company charges merchants a percentage to process your card. We have built this into our rates. You can save 3% by paying with a check.
  2. Add Vermont’s 9% Meals and Rooms Tax by Multiplying the rental charge above by 1.09, for a total of $______________ due.
  3. Print, Sign, Scan and Email us this agreement. When it arrives, we'll email you a Payment Request through Paypal that you can pay with any major credit card or a Paypal account.

I agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Number of people in party: _____ adults, _____ children, _____ dogs. Dogs are not to be allowed on any bedding or furniture. A damage charge of $200 will be incurred if dog hair is found on the blankets. Dogs must be restrained when outdoors.
  2. Loud guests will not be tolerated. Guests making noise outside after 9:00pm will be removed from the property without warning or refund. If you are that kind of a group and you have already paid online, let us know before signing this and we'll have your payment refunded.
  3. This house is located in a residential area. The renter agrees to respect the neighbors and the quiet and solitude that makes our neighborhood so appealing. Music, loud voices and other noise is not permitted outdoors after 9pm. This is not only common courtesy but also a town ordinance.
  4. The full amount of the rent and tax is due upon booking. If the Renter cancels the reservation at any time, for any reason, owner will refund 90% of the funds which have been paid by Renter, if, and only if, and when Owner is able to rebook the house for the same reservation period. If Owner is not able to rebook the house for the same reservation period, the amounts paid by Renter to Owner will be non-refundable. 10% of the funds which have been paid by Renter to Owner are not refundable if the reservation is cancelled, even if the house is rebooked.
  5. Owner has determined that a Damage Deposit will not be necessary and has agreed to charge for damage only if damage occurs. (In 12 years of renting our house, we've never had anyone damage anything).
  6. Renter agrees to either pay by check or through Google Checkout as described above upon execution of this Rental Agreement. Renter understands and agrees that any credit card charges will be made through an online credit processing transaction without signature.
  7. Renter agrees to promptly reimburse Owner for any damages or loss caused by Renter or Renter’s guests.
  8. Check-in is any time after 5 p.m. on the arrival date listed above. This agreement does not create a tenancy or residence.
  9. Check-out is 11 a.m. on the departure date. Please put the remote controls where they belong, leave the keys on the kitchen counter and make sure the door is latched closed (but not locked) when you leave.
  10. We will not rent to people under the age of 18 unless accompanied by an adult guardian or parent.
  11. Renter agrees not to allow children to use the hot tub without appropriate adult supervision. Renter agrees that Renter and Renter’s guests are using the hot tub at their own risk, and specifically agree not to dive off the deck, or to allow any of Renter’s guests to do so.
  12. For safety reasons, absolutely NO GLASS is permitted in or around the hot tub. Plastic and acrylic cups and plateware are provided for beverages or food enjoyed in and around these areas of the property. Pregnant women should NEVER used hot tubs.
  13. Owners are not responsible for lost or stolen property of guests. Secure your valuables or keep them with you. We suggest that you lock the house if you have personal valuables in it during your stay.
  14. Upon receipt of payment and this agreement, Owner will provide key lock box instructions, directions and phone numbers of local contacts if any problems should arise during your stay.
  15. Dogs are permitted.
  16. The Owner will provide all utilities, grill gas, firewood, linens, towels, and toilet paper. There is a gas grill for your use at the house.
  17. Prior to your departure, please clean out the refrigerator of any perishable food generated during your stay. Please make sure all dishes and cookware are clean and put away or that the dishwasher is loaded and running.
  19. This agreement may not be subletted or assigned to any other party.
  20. Tenant/Guest assumes all responsibility regarding personal injury that may be sustained during tenancy at the leased property. Tenant/guests will hold the Landlord harmless from any and all bodily injury and/or property damage incurred on the property arising out of tenants/guests negligent acts or omissions. Tenants/Guest will not hold the Landlord liable for any injury except for those sustained due to gross negligence or willful misconduct.
  21. The landlord makes no representation regarding handicapped accessibility of said vacation property.
  22. House parties are not allowed without prior agreement, which may require an additional deposit. Any disturbances to neighbors could result in an eviction without any refund of rents paid.
  23. Tenants/guests are fully responsible (and the landlord will not be held responsible) for any and all consequences resulting from the serving or consumption of alcohol during tenancy at the leased property.
  24. Tenants/guests will not bring illegal substances such as drugs to the property.
  25. Tenants/guests will be completely responsible for any and all damage to the property caused by negligence.
  26. Tenants/Guests are responsible to leave the house in respectable condition. If the home is left with excessive cleaning needed, tenant / guests will be billed / charged for it.
  27. The garage on the property is private property. The tenants / guests do, however, have access to the Woodshed, which is also covered by this agreement.
  28. The client understands that hot tubs require higher levels of chlorine than pools and that chlorine can damage swimwear and that excessive or inadequate chlorine levels can cause illness. The client is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the chlorine level during their stay. The client agrees to hold the owner harmless for any illness or damage resulting from use of the hot tub.
  29. In the unfortunate event of a double booking (a situation in which we accidentally rent the house to two different parties for the same period), the party who's payment was second to arrive will give up their right to stay in the property. The company will issue a full refund to the party who's payment was the second to arrive. It is the responsibility of that party to locate replacement lodging.
  30. Non-Disparagement Agreement: The client agrees not to disparage the company, house or owner. The client agrees to address any problems, either before or after the rental, directly with the company or through VT Small Claims Court, rather than by making disparaging or negative statements (blog posts, reviews, etc.) about the company, house or owner, online or otherwise. Any client who does, under their own name, a pseudonym, anonymously or by any other means, disparage the company, house or owner will be held financially responsible for any damages done to the owner's business or reputation. The client agrees that disparagement-related damages will be set at a minimum of $10,000 (ten thousand dollars) per occurrence. 99% of clients are reasonable people who address problems with civility, person to person. Those are the clients with whom we wish to do business. Thank you!
  31. Trash, etc.: It is the client's responsibility to remove their trash, recycling and food waste at the end of the rental. State law requires that these items must be separated. They can be taken to the Stowe Transfer Station (Dump Road, Stowe) on your way home. If you leave any refuse behind, the homeowner will bill you $50 per bag for handling and disposing of it.

Renter Signature: ________________________________ Date: __/__/____
Email: ___________________________________________ Phone: ________________